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H+P Pickleball Paddle

$82.00 $82.00

At last! Just in time…errr for the courts to be covered in snow. Doh! But heck, in Pickleball you always got to be ready, right? So stock up, gift, or head to the land of endless Pickleball with our limited edition custom paddles. 

Make it a bundle and add a mesh bag + ball for $10. Or double up and save more when you get a pair of paddles with a mesh bag + ball. 

  • Carbon fiber paddle with polymer honeycomb core

  • Custom color faux-leather sweat-proof grip.

  • Custom Huck + Pickle silicone ring that holds the grip in place.

  • Comes with a neoprene H+P paddle cover.

  • 15.67” H x 7.8”' W

  • Weight: 8 OZ

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